key contacts:

david rice | creative director

christy adams | producer

matthew wallis | technical director

Dear guest,

Thank you so much for graciously contributing your time and talents to support the St. David's Foundation Kocurek Scholarship.  Toast of the Town’s 2021 season is a series of interactive livestreams bringing legendary musicians, social luminaries, and renowned chefs into the living rooms of Toast donors for a night of food, music, and conversation.

We’ll be producing each show using Livestream Studio, a software switcher combining local cameras, remote feeds, Quicktime media, and discrete audio. The stream's native buffer will give us quality audio, but for the super tech-friendly musicians in the crowd, we suggest having a look at the AudioMovers plugin, which straps across your DAW’s output bus and delivers 48k audio directly into our console with nearly no latency.

Chances are you've done a fair amount of streaming over the last year, but if you'd like any assistance with lighting, camera, or audio setup, we're here to help. Please plan to login for a short and hopefully uneventful tech check an hour or two before the event.

To assist in running a smooth production, we're asking our guests to respond to the form below; we apologize if this form feels at all impersonal. Once we have your basic details we'll take it all to email. We look forward to a fun night together!

David Rice | Flow Studios