Get ready for Toast of the Town!

If you're on this page, it means you're the type of person who likes to be prepared! Here's a checklist that will help you skip the line and breeze into the party:

  • Download your TV app, get familiar with the interface, and enjoy some of the bonus content!
  • if you plan to interact during the Q&A, keep a set of earbuds or a headset handy.
  • Have a selfie or headshot ready to upload. Your photo will be displayed alongside other guests as you make your entrance.


Tired of huddling around laptops at virtual events? You can enjoy tonight's livestream directly from your Apple TV or Amazon Fire Stick. Simply navigate to the Apps section and use the search bar to find the Flow Studios app. There's no subscription or password required, just download it to your device and open it up.  It functions like Netflix or any other streaming app - just select your party and click Watch Now.

Don't have one of the supported devices? Twitch may be available directly on your Smart TV. Use the search bar in your App Store to locate and download the Twitch app, then search and navigate to the @toastaustin channel. Your party will be streaming in the main player. If you aren't able to access any of the TV apps, don't worry. You can enjoy the entire event from your laptop.