Choose your own adventure.


Tired of huddling around laptops at virtual events? You can enjoy tonight's livestream directly from your Apple TV, Roku, or Amazon Fire Stick. Simply navigate to the Apps section on your set top device, and use the search bar to find the [redacted for Clio entry] app. There's no subscription or password required, just download it to your device and open it up.  It functions like Netflix or any other streaming app - simply select your party and click Watch Now.

Don't have one of the supported devices? Twitch is available on Samsung, LG, and most other Smart TV platforms. Use the search bar in your App Store to locate and download the Twitch app, then search and navigate to the @toastaustin channel. Your party will be streaming in the main player.

So take a moment now to download your app and get situated, then come back to this page and press the CONTINUE button below (you'll still use your laptop or mobile device to interact with other guests and participate in the Q&A. Of course, you can also skip the TV setup, and use your laptop for everything!